“What A Wonderful Thought It Is That Some of the Best Days of Our Lives Haven’t Happened Yet”


On my way to London!

“What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t happened yet”

I have always loved this quote. This simple, yet profound sentence has gotten me through some tough days and sleepless nights. After taking a year off after graduating college to spend time with my family at home, I finally made it to London, baby!!! Words can’t begin to describe how wonderful it feels to be back in my favorite city! As soon as I stepped off of the plane I felt alive and energized (despite not sleeping for over 24 hours…). This feeling of calm simply came over me, as though I was meant to be here. Corny, I know. But still true.


I made it! Within minutes of dropping off my bags at the hotel, I wandered over to Tower Bridge, my favorite spot in the city

I have known since middle school that this was the city I wanted to be in. The End Goal. Everything I’ve worked towards for as long as I can remember has been for this moment. My not-so-super-secret dream has always been to live here, but I never truly believed that it could happen. It just seemed so daunting and unrealistic, to travel to another country for more than a week or two. Coming from a fairly small town where the majority of my graduating class went to colleges within a half hour from home, choosing to attend a college that was eight hours and two states away seemed radical. People always seemed so shocked that I decided to go so far away. To me, it just seemed like the obvious thing to do. I viewed college as a way to better myself with an education both in and out of a classroom. I saw college as the perfect opportunity to pick a place that I always wanted to travel to and actually get to live there for four year. So I packed my bags, kissed my cats and dog (and family) goodbye, and heading north to New England.

I knew heading in to college that I was going to study abroad in London. Studying abroad for a semester was going to be my chance to live out my ongoing dream of “living” in London. I counted the days until I would be able to send in my application, and I finally arrived in London in January 2012. I loved every second of it, even the most miserable moments. As they say, “A bad day in London is better than a good day anywhere else!”

I found that six months was not enough for my insatiable appetite for London. Even as I was living there I was trying to figure out how I could come back again. Β London is an incredibly expensive city, so I knew that I would never be able to simply move there. Lucky for me, I love school, and as much as I was ready to leave the college town I had lived in for four years, I was not quite ready to leave classroom life behind. I began to think about where I wanted to study for graduate school, and I figured what better place to study history than in the city that celebrates so much of its past? I ended up going through the program Study Across the Pond, which was an enormous help in making my dream a reality. It had never occurred to me when I was in high school that going to another country for my undergraduate degree was even a possibility. Then when I made the decision to come to London for a graduate degree, it was quite daunting trying to figure out how to make that happen. But this time I was determined to make it happen. I saw this as my last real opportunity to give my London Dream a try. I made it happen, and I am so proud of myself for that.

So here I am, killing two birds with one stone: I get to study what I love in the city that I love.


The Shard


Tower Bridge at sunset Regardless of what Fergie says in her 2006 cd, this is NOT London Bridge. Thanks, Fergie, for further cementing that belief for Americans. Don’t remember that song? You’re not missing much. It brings back horrible 9th grade memories for me…

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