Thanksgiving in London


This is the place that the Mayflower departed for the New World on September 6, 1620


Sad this is my first Thanksgiving that I won’t be traveling home to be with my family. Instead, I will be in classes all day (since this is only an American holiday) and have a museum trip tonight, so I have to postpone my celebrations until this weekend.

With this in mind, a few days ago I found the Mayflower Pub in Rotherhithe, London. This is the place where the original Mayflower carrying the pilgrims to the New World departed from. Β The rumor goes that to avoid paying mooring taxes, the captain tied the shop alongside the pub (then called the Spread Eagle) where the pilgrims boarded.

From this pub (later renamed for the ship), 102 passengers and crew set out for the grueling weeks-long voyage where they landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Β Having been to Plymouth, I feel like I have now come full circle, seeing where they left from and where they arrived.

The history geek in me is extremely satisfied!

Fun fact: this pub is the only place in the entire UK that is licensed to sell American stamps!

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