Christmas in Covent Garden


Silver Reindeer to welcome you into the marketplace!

It’s Christmas in Covent Garden!

Since Covent Garden is a stone’s throw away from my classes, I visit this place often, especially around lunch time. I love just getting a hot drink and people watching in this area, since it is always crowded.

Finally the christmas decorations have replaced the big floating balloons! Once again, they have done another year of gorgeously creative decoration

From “The Beautiful Heartbeat” display, comprised of 100,000 balloons that filled up the entirety of the 19th century Market Building, to the Mistletoe themed decorations for Christmas


Mistletoe in Covent Garden


There are 50 arrangements of mistletoe lights hanging over the marketplace, illuminating at night



Covent Garden Tree

And of course it wouldn’t be a true Christmas display without a ginormous tree and bow!


At night, he even glows

Rumor has it there will be actual, real live reindeers to see in the coming weeks. I. Can’t. Wait.

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