It’s Christmas Time in the City!


Because England doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I decided that it was socially acceptable to begin my Christmas celebrations right after Halloween. I know, it’s disgustingly early, but I’m still going to do it. And apparently London agrees with me, because lights have been popping up all over town!

While avoiding doing any real work, I decided that I should at least be a productive procrastinator! Since it gets dark so early here (by 4pm the sun has already set and it’s dark), I set off around 4:30 and wandered through the streets for hours.

A few weeks ago my friend Steph and I had braved the massive crowd to see the Christmas Lights Switch-On and Kylie Minogue decked out in her festive dress. Nearly crushed to death by thousands of people (being short in crowds is actually a hazard), it was worth it to finally see these gorgeous baubles all lit up. Let the holiday season officially begin in London!



Decorations at Westfield Mall in Stratford



From Oxford Street, I wandered down Regents Street to see the lights that are strung. The gold discs show videos and advertisements. Β It’s a really good thing I don’t drive here. I don’t know how there aren’t more accidents from people trying to drive and look at the decorations at the same time.

The lights and decorations on Carnaby Street were by far my favorite! Pink sparkly disco balls. How can you beat that??



Hanging light bulbs off of Carnaby Street

Besides the lights, each of the stores on Oxford and Regent Streets are decorated in elaborate displays. The amount of creativity is amazing!


Burberry had adorable miniature Queen’s Guards that moved and twirled, carrying Burberry scarves

More to come on my Christmas adventures in London!


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