Man on the Moon and Christmas, too


At Monty’s Winter Garden on John Lewis’s rooftop, Oxford Street

I found this hidden gem while browsing instagram for christmassy things in London (can you tell that I have Christmas on my mind?).

In case you haven’t seen it, I recommend watching the John Lewis Christmas Advert for this year. The “Man on the Moon” story was adorable, and the song is catchy. Watch it here:Β

The John Lewis department store is located on Oxford Street, and it is huge! Since being in London, I’ve gotten used to smaller spaces, and much smaller stores than I’m used to (grocery stores are sooooo tiny here!), so I was actually a bit overwhelmed being in such a big place again.


Christmas Lights outside John Lewis

It took me a while to figure out where I was going. After going up the escalators to the 5th floor, I was then directed through a bit of a maze in order to get to the rooftop. It was worth it! As soon as I walked outside, I felt like I was walking through a wintery wonderland. It was absolutely gorgeous!


Fake snow floated down over me, and I instantly fell into a Christmas mood.


My first stop was to the lookout point, where there was a telescope so I could look for the man on the moon. Sadly, it was too cloudy for me to see him, but I blew him some kisses in case his telescope was better than mine.

There was another lookout area where I could peer down on Oxford Street and watch the people shopping below. There was also a gorgeous view of the buildings in London all lit up. My friend and I stayed for a long time just looking out over the city, happy to be where we were.

There were cute little miniature cabins with a different theme in each one


When it got too chilly, I popped in to the Enchantment Snug cabin to warm up



Snug Station

Snugs with a friend on the rooftop!

As I said, the department store was huge! And very, very crowded. Every inch of the store was decorated. My favorite was was mirrors/pipe-cleaner like tree garland that dangled down all five floors

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