Cereal Killer Cafe, Regent’s Canal, and Primrose Hill

Today was an ADVENTURE DAY! Even though my bed was super comfy, I dragged myself out of it to go exploring.

The first stop was to the Cereal Killer Cafe for breakfast. Lesson learned: go on a week day, and go early. We ended up waiting in the cold for a horribly long time (I am both ashamed and proud at how long we waited), but it was worth it!


I got to relive my childhood scanning through all the cereals they had to offer! My favorite boxes were the Urkel-o’s and Tiny Toonsย ๐Ÿด




They had so many options, it was difficult to choose!

I ended up going with one of their “specials”: ย The Mint Choc Chipster

Since I have an addiction to mint chocolate, I figured this would be the best choice for me. It had Chocopic, wheetos, mint aero bubbles (although they had run out, so they gave me mint oreos instead), and mint milk. Heaven.


Downstairs, they have limited edition cereal boxes and TVs playing shows from the 90s. The best part was the Jonathan Taylor Thomas posters all over the wall!




After, my friend and I really needed to walk off our tummy aches (well worth it!)

We were stuffed, so I’ll have to come back to the Beigel Shop for a rainbow bagel!



Next on the agenda was wandering along Regent’s Canal. I had a nice chat with all the little duckies swimming by! The best part about this route is that it passes right behind the London Zoo, and you can see some of the animals as you walk by. I saw warthogs, hyenas, and really big birds!

It was really chilly, but luckily the sun was shinning, so it wasn’t that bad.ย My friend and I ended up coming back to this place to eat lunch in the Feng Shang Princess Restaurant, which is the red floating building.




Feng Shang Chinese Restaurant


Primrose Hill is another great spot in London!


It’s in a beautiful area (with more colored houses I need to explore!), and the best part is the view of the London skyline! It’s a very posh part of town, with lots of celebrities living in the area. I didn’t see anyone famous, but I did see a lot of cute dogs!


It was so cold and windy on top of the hill! But the view was worth it


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