It was so wonderful to be back in Kensington, my favorite neighborhood in London! When Deator and I first met, we were living in a dorm in Kensington, about two blocks from the palace and gardens. It’s just a magical place, and always so beautiful!


One of the first rooms you enter into is filled with pictures of the royals.

The room on the left is covered in wallpaper comprised of sketches of Princess Diana.

The King’s Staircase:


A little bit of royalty everywhere…


Queen Victoria is one of my favorite historical characters to learn about, and I loved that there is an entire exhibit dedicated to her and her life with Prince Albert.

Her record reign of 63 years was recently broken by her great great granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth II, who has now been ruling the country since 1952.


Victoria and Albert had nine children, and considered Kensington Palace their home. Currently, William, Kate and their two children live there. Prince Harry also has an apartment at the palace.


View of Kensington Gardens from inside the palace:



Once we went through the palace, we decided to sit in front of the Round Pond (its actual name) and enjoy the unusually warm weather.


We decided that they get swans in this lake because they pay higher taxes in Kensington.


Feeling nostalgic, we explored our old neighborhood and went to Builder’s Arms for dinner and a few drinks.


My favorite houses in Kensington – they have gorgeous libraries!!!

Builder’s Arms:


This pub was right next to our dorm, so we used to go here all the time. It hasn’t changed much in four years, which made us feel like time hadn’t really passed.


They always had the funkiest signs that made me laugh!


We met a nice Canadian couple who shared our table, and we had a nice chat with a few drinks.

Once we finished, we decided to stop by Westminster since it was Deator’s last night in London!

Then it was time to go home and quickly pack for our trip to AMSTERDAM in the morning!

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