Holmfirth, England

Last weekend I visited family up north in Holmfirth Village.


Holmfirth is a small town in West Yorkshire, with less than 2,000 inhabitants. Probably my favorite thing about this little village was the sandstone buildings. Everything matched, which made my OCD quite happy!

The weather kept flipping between pouring sideways rain, hail, and brief bouts of sunshine, so we didn’t spend much time outside. Every time I whipped out my camera, the dark clouds moved closer. I would have loved to have spent time exploring the village, but the weather was so nasty that all we wanted to do was spend the day indoors with a warm cup of tea!

Holmfirth, West Yorkshire has its claim to fame through the BBC series Last of the Summer Wine. The show lasted for 31 seasons, from 1973-2010, with 295 episodes all filmed in this quiet little village.

The Wrinkled Stocking Tearoom  was apparently was a regular hangout for characters on the show, and has become a staple in the Last of the Summer Wine tour that goes around town. Apparently thousands of tourists visit the town each year simply because of the show. So of course I had to have my picture taken in front of it.


In this little nook is Sid’s Cafe, another regular place the characters used to visit. I’ve never seen an episode (actually, I hadn’t even heard of the show), but now that I’ve walked by a few of the key filming sites, I guess I need to give the show a try!



At least this place was pretty, even in the rain! 💧☔🌂☁

Sunday’s weather was better, so we ventured out for a long walk.

The weather was sunny and made everything sparkle, but every time the wind picked up, it felt like January. I kept alternating between walking in a shirt to wearing two jackets and a fluffy scarf. Changing clothes turned out to be the real workout!



It was so green! At least there’s always something positive that comes out of crappy weather.


We walked for two hours on the outskirts of Holmfirth, and I was able to soak up a bit of the countryside. I adore living in London, but every once in a while it is so refreshing to see green!

It was a bit more hilly than I was expecting (my legs were sore the next day!), but I was rewarded with this green view, as well as the company of many friendly sheep 🐑🐏


I don’t know why there was an empty bathtub at the top of Lamma Wells Road, but it added a bit of quirkiness to an otherwise flawless view.


I love how the old stone walls make the fields look like a patchwork quilt.


By Saturday night, the ground was entirely covered in thick fluffy snow. By the next morning, there were just traces of it left on the ground.

Now, it’s back to reality and the endless amounts of reading I need to do for my essays….

4 thoughts on “Holmfirth, England

  1. Some lovely photos and information you have here. I once stopped off on the way back from Wales and the locations were certainly not where I thought they would be.


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