Wysteria Hysteria in London

Spring in London has now become my favorite season.

I have never really cared all that much for spring.  It’s muddy. It’s allergy season.  It’s my sinuses own personal hell.

But London is changing my perception of this season.  Or, it is making me despise it a little bit less, simply because it is just too pretty.  Does that make me vain? The city is just too pretty to make me care.

Wysteria Hysteria is an actual thing here.  People are posting their best wisteria pictures all over social media, and after seeing picture after picture of my second favorite flower on my screen, I figured I should go out and see it for myself.

Most of the wisteria (also spelled Wysteria) I found was in the Kensington and Primrose Hill areas, mainly because  I just happened to be in those areas, and what I saw did not disappoint.


Kensington will always hold a special place in my heart because it is the first place I lived when I studied abroad in London in 2012.  While I am now in a neighborhood that could be seen as a direct opposite experience from Kensington, this is still my favorite neighborhood to wander around in.

Kensington is so pretty, it’s hard not to fall in love.




Wisteria is a member of the pea plant, and can be purple or white (although I prefer the purple much more).


Kynance Mews in Kensington was just a row of wisteria house after house, filling up the entire neighborhood!



Wisteria can climb up to a height of 65ft avower the ground, and can spread more than 30ft across.



Picture perfect! And they smell a hundred times better than they look, as if that’s even possible!


In the Victorian language of flowers, wisteria symbolize “over passionate love or obsession,” referencing the choking nature of its twisty vines.


But spring in London isn’t only Wysteria Hysteria.

Flowers are everywhere! Inside, outside. On the ground, in the air!


Fortnum and Mason’s indoor flower exhibit was exquisite! This is what I imagine my stairway to Heaven will look like.  Curved, pretty, and lined with wonderfully smelling flowers.  Although I hope mine will have some blue and purple hydrangeas with little forget-me-not flowers. And glitter sprinkled over the steps. And I want it to smell like the inside of a Yankee Candle jar. And I would appreciate some Broadway music being belted in the background.

But, you know, good thing I’m not that picky. But seriously, I have expectations I expect to be met.


And Bond Street, with its patriotic flags hung over everyone’s head, is just showing off this season.

Fenwick just went above and beyond for this display.  Making all the other store fronts jealous!


All these flowers are almost making me think that I’m back at Keukenhof!

So much green!!




London, as always, you are just too pretty.




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