Mewsing Around London, Part II

There were wayyyy too many mews to fit in one post, so to avoid overwhelming you with colorful houses, flowers, and overall prettiness fit for a magazine cover, I broke it up into two parts. To catch up on Part I, click here.

So, continuing on with my wanderings around London, here is Part II of London’s Mews:

Conduit Mews:

So much color in one neighborhood!


Can you see the second door reflected in the window below?


My favorites by far were the side by side pink and blue homes.


Radnor Mews:

All the mews I visited had elaborate flower displays that looked like something out of a magazine. It made me wonder if having a green thumb was a requirement to living there.


Hyde Park Garden Mews:

Hyde Park Mews is located, as you could probably guess, right near Hyde Park. Not only was it pretty, but it had horses striding by constantly! I was lucky enough to be mewsing through when a stampede of horses paraded by!





Bathurst Mews:

This neighborhood is near Hyde Park, and is where the Hyde Park Stables are located.I was lucky enough to have visited when the horses were all returning from their ride through the park! This ended up being one of my favorite Mews that I’ve visited.



When I arrived, there were a group of girls who had just finished riding and were cleaning their equipment and putting the horses away.

But, horses weren’t the only pretty view this mews had to offer. Everywhere I looked there was something to see that made it impossible to put my camera down!











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