Lake District Road Trip!

As much as I adore London and all it has to offer, sometimes I just really miss taking a walk in the woods.

I needed a break from concrete (and writing pretending to write my dissertation), so I took a four day road trip with two of my friends up north.

After a lot of stress over renting a car (no one can drive a manual, they don’t accept American debit cards, and you have to be over 25), Ride Link was our saving grace, and we booked our car about nine hours before we were supposed to leave.


We stayed at a cute little cottage in Hutton Roof, which was just perfect for us!


The inside was nice and cozy, and the perfect place for reading. Since the three of us are avid bookworms, it was sometimes a bit difficult to motivate ourselves to step outside. All I wanted to do was curl up in front of the fireplace with a book and nice cup of tea!

And the beds were so wonderful (a bit nicer than my old dorm bed). I easily could have stayed cooped up inside that cottage the entire trip and still would have been happy.

On our first night there, we decided to explore the area. England has Public Rights of Way law, which gives people the right to walk on public footpaths throughout the countryside, even if this goes through someone else’s field.

We walked for a few hours, and saw miniature ponies, cows, and too many sheep to count.


The houses in the area were gorgeous! I found about 15 little cottages that I wanted to live in. This one was for sale:


Our second day was probably our busiest day, and we squeezed a lot in.

Our first stop of the day was to the Beatrix Potter Museum!

I grew up with Beatrix Potter’s stories, so it was nice to visit Potter-land and see all her creations come to life. It’s the 150th anniversary of her birth this year, so it was extra-special!


After exploring the museum’s gift shop and stocking up on postcards, we wandered around the cute little town of Bowness-on-Windermere.


There were tons of cute shops, and lots of people were wandering about despite the gloomy weather. The lake was so pretty, and although it was chilly enough to need a jacket, I still wanted to go swimming.


As we left, we passed a few festive pubs.



Our next trip was to Castlerigg Standing Stones Circle, which may just be older than Stonehenge – AND you can touch it!




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