Lavender Fields

On Monday I went with a group of friends to visit Mayfield Lavender Field in London!



Even though it’s still in London, the closest train station to Mayfield is West Croydon, over an hour and a half away from where I live on the other side of London.

After reaching the West Croydon overground station, take bus 166 towards Oak Parks. The bus station is about a five minute walk from the station.

Make sure you go to the field, NOT the Mayfield Plant Nursery, which is at a different location.


1 pound entry fee, and a one pound parking fee if you come by car

When To Go:

Mayfield is open every day from 9am-6pm from June 1-September 14th.

The best time to visit is mid-July to the end of August, when the lavender is at its most vibrant color!

I discovered this place back in April, and had been counting down the days until I could go.


Bees. Lots and lots of bees. But, they were very busy bees, and had more important things to do than sting us.


When I arrived, I was blown away by just how bright and colorful the field was! I hadn’t been sure what to suspect, but my expectations of this place were definitely met.

The field was huge! It was a sea of lavender as far as my eyes could see. To make it a bit more interesting and encourage pictures, there was a classic red telephone booth and a few gazebos scattered about.



We arrived around 11am, and there was already a decent number of visitors exploring the grounds.

In the middle of the field is a huge tree with a little picnic area and mobile cafe. It was ridiculously hot (summer has finally (and suddenly) arrived in London), so we sat in the shade for a bit after taking a group picture.


The smell of the fields was overwhelming, but in a good way! We continued walking through the rows of lavender for a few hours just relaxing and taking pictures.

The cafe was wonderful! Everything was lavender-themed. There was lavender soap, jam, scones, bread, essential oils, tea, lemonade, ice cream, shampoo, and perfumes, and a lot more!  All of the lavender comes from their fields and is made on site.


Bundles and bundles of lavender

To cool off, we all had lavender ice cream and lavender punch, because sadly they were out of their super popular lemonade.


We ended up staying at Mayfield for about 4 hours before making the long trek home. It ended up being one of my favorite summer days out in London!


For more info, check out their website: Mayfield Lavender Field


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